7 Ways To Get Inspiration for Facebook Ads

Do you need inspiration for your facebook ads?

Are you struggling to come up with creative assets or persuasive headlines?

We’ve all been there.

The advertisers road-block.

While we just made this phrase up, this scenario is no joke.

Getting inspired before jumping into Ads Manager can be the difference between a budget burner and your next best campaign. Which is exactly what inspired us to share our 7 best strategies for getting inspired for your next Facebook Ads Campaign!

1. Turbo Ad Finder Chrome Extension

Imagine if you could browse hundreds of live ad campaigns right now.

Do you know the only place you can do that?

Your newsfeed.

But with all of the memes and cat videos in your newsfeed, it’s easy to get distracted from the hunt for ads.

This continuous problem inspired us and our engineers to create the Turbo Ad Finder – A chrome extension that clears your news feed of everything except ads!

Perfect for spying on your competitors, finding creative inspiration and staying productive. Check it out if you’re interested, its free!

2. Get Pixel’d By Your Competitors

If you’re in E-commerce or sell any physical products, this is an absolute most.

Most companies have been taking full advantage of re-targeting on Facebook as it tends to be the highest ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) for advertisers, given the nature of the targeting and the high intent-to-buy audience.

Which creates a huge opportunity for us marketers to spy on our competition by intentionally adding products to a cart and then bouncing from their website.

This will put you in their retargeting bucket and you will start seeing their ads immediately (if they are actively retargeting).

Try this to spy on competitors and see what types of incentives they are offering to bring back cart and site bouncers.


3. Use Your Ad Preferences

Have you ever seen an advertisement that was inappropriate or irrelevant to you?

Many people have. And thats partially why Facebook created Ad Preferences.

A settings section where you can manage your ad preferences, the types of ads you see and explore your “interests”, or at least what facebook thinks you’re interested based on your behavior.

You can see a screenshot of my ad preferences include mostly marketing and startup related topics.

Which is (accurate and) awesome because I can click on each category and get examples of ads per industry.

For example, I can explore a ton of ads in the Marketing Automation category.

Even though this wasn’t Facebook’s intention for these settings, it sure is a great way to get inspiration from industry advertisers.

Key Takeaway: Go into your ad preferences and explore live ads in each industry!

4. Inspect Competitive Keywords on Google

Are you having a hard time write good ad copy?

I don’t blame you. It’s hard.

And if you don’t have a huge ad budget, you often times don’t have much room for testing at scale.

That’s where Google Adwords comes in.

If you search for extremely competitive keywords (in your industry), you can see what’s working for your competitors in terms of ad copy.

To succeed with Adwords, you have to write really compelling text. Because that’s all you get. No images, no videos, just text.

And big companies that spend hundreds of thousands of ad dollars have this down to a science from testing hundreds of phrases and CTA’s (call-to-actions).

So take copy inspiration from competitive search terms on Google and implement them into your Facebook ad copy & headlines!

5. See what is trending organically.

The secret to advertising is creating campaigns that don’t feel like ads.

Some call this storytelling, we call it common sense.

A good way to see what industry specific posts & stories are trending on Facebook is to use it’s the powerful search built into Facebook.

As our marketing friend Dave Sentenn and CMO of CashFlowDiary shared with us, you can use advanced search tactics to find posts related to certain industries, websites and industries.

Take this search query for example.


You can see that results in a page full of posts (organic and boosted) related to dachshund tee-shirts that are selling on TeeSpring.com

You could easily replace these search phrases with keywords specific to your industry and browse high performing posts!

Just be sure to replace the spaces between words with + so your URL looks similar to this:




6. Browse the Show & Tell Designer Websites

Every marketer knows it’s crucial to stand out from the noisy social world.

And when your image is arguably the most important aspect of your ad, you can’t get lazy on image creation.

Most advertisers just go to a stock photo website and copy paste into their ads.

But most advertisers yield average or below average results. And you’re not hear to be average 😉

Having a well designed image that pops out at the user can be the difference between your next favorite customer and a lousy impression.

A great place to get inspiration for quality creatives are the “show and tell for designers”. Sites like Behance and Dribbble can be a great place to get inspiration.

Even if you’re not a designer, you can find inspiration, take screenshots and send them over to a freelance designer to mock up something similar for an affordable price.

Their are even free design tools like Canva that you can use to polish up product photos, software screenshots and make your images stand out.


7. Browse Ad Templates

Another great way to gather example ads at scale is to search for templates and swipe files.

There are plenty of sites to go and opt-in to, but here’s another search trick that will save you a ton of inbox spam 😉

You can find a ton of free facebook ad templates with this one search engine trick Click To Tweet

[After you finish reading] Go to Google, and search “facebook ad templates + filetype: pdf” or “facebook ad templates + filetype: pdf”

You will see a ton of PDF files that include designs and screenshots of Facebook Ads without opt-ing in to anything. (Warning: Not all of them are good)

If you want to check out industry specific Facebook Ads or spy on direct competitors, check out our new free Facebook Ads Gallery.



Coming up with designs and copy for ad campaigns is no easy feat. Especially if you lack a design background or don’t have a full marketing team around you.

But with a resourceful mindset and these 7 free strategies, you can be off to the races in no time!

Let us know which you like the most and be sure to check out the Ad Finder and Ad Gallery tools mentioned above!




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