Facebook Ads Targeting Tutorial: Education

So you want to learn how to target people with Facebook ads based on their education?

No problem!

Facebook has millions of data points on our education. After all, it was a social network for college students.

All of the education data Facebook is collects entered by the us users on signup (or later down the road).

While Facebook and Instagram continue to dominate the social space, theirs no doubt this hyper-specific targeting can change your business for the better. With educational based targeting, we can really nail down a specific audience and get in front of nearly anybody we’d like with some of these targeting options:

  • School’s they went to
  • Topics they study
  • Completed education level
  • And more

Lets get started!

Once your click Create Ad in your Facebook Ads Manager, you can take a look at the audience section:

From here, we can explore the Detailed Targeting options, where we will find Education specific targeting options (along with more more).

Browse > Demographics > Education

As you can see above, there are many options of education specific targeting. Here’s a quick overview of each:

Education level 
Facebook allows you to target users based on their highest level of completed education. From active high schoolers, to those with doctorate degrees – you can target them!

Field of Study
Need to target only engineers? Or maybe biologists? No problem, with the Field of Study option – you can target students & grad by their specified field of study

Ivy league or community colleague? It doesn’t matter. If it exists, Facebook has it – and you can target them! Targeting users by their current or existing school is extremely powerful and my personal favorite

Undergrad Years
While I don’t have an interesting use cases for this one, you can also target people based on their undergrad years. Quite interesting and curious to hear if this is useful to you – leave a comment if so!


While these options are powerful, you can really drill down on your audience (and ad cost) by combining multiple options to narrow down your audience even further.

To do to this, simple click Narrow Further and add another targeting option!

In the example above, this would be targeting Stanford students with an who were undergrads from 2017 – 2021.

Conclusion + Video

Targeting users by education is very powerful for recruiting, mobile apps, and any much more!

If you have any questions drop a comment and feel free to check out the video version below.










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