Facebook Dynamic Creative Optimization – The Death of Manual A/B Testing

Did you hear the news?!

Facebook just introduced Dynamic Creative Optimization.

They also just killed manual A/B testing.

Seriously, this update is arguably one of the biggest they’ve made in the past few years. And it’s about to make us experimental marketers way more productive!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • What is Dynamic Creative Optimization?
  • What kind of results can I expect?
  • How do I get started with them?


What is Dynamic Creative Optimization?


Imagine this.

Say you want to test 2 different body messages, 3 images or videos, 2 headlines and 4 unique call-to-action buttons.

Traditionally, this would require 48 different permutations of ads and hours of fiddling around in ads manager.

That’d be totally impractical and is often times why marketers settler with fewer variations (and lower quality results).

With DCO (dynamic creative optimization), you can test all of these ad variations, by creating a single ad. All you do is add your desired variations into one ad and Facebook will automatically deliver all of the unique variations. From there, it will provide analytics on each variation and optimize for the highest performers!

This allows you to:

  • Save hours from creating new ads and ad management.
  • Keep all reaction and social proof under a single ad (finally!).
  • Makes analyzing results and winning creatives much easier.

Sounds good to be true, right? Well, almost. It’s currently only available through the API or the Turbo Ad Studio.

Despite the limited availability, here are some of the results people are seeing…

What kind of results can I expect with DPO’s?

It’s too early to truly say.

Facebook has noted despite being available already, it will take time for the optimization “models to learn” and reach optimal performance.

That being said, advertisers are reporting great results thus far.

Lower CPA’s, less manual work and higher CTR’s are the word on the street but we’re currently running a number of large test campaigns to generate a true case study.

A few beta testers (unofficially) reported up to a 30% reduction in CPA from DCO’s.

The amount of time you save alone is pretty awesome if you ask me!

If you want to get real case studies delivered straight to your inbox, drop your email in above.

How do I get started with them?

Currently, you can only create these ad types through the Facebook API (application programming interface) or a third-party app like us, Turbo.

This is a new technology that just became available this week (September of 2017) and will likely take a long time to roll out into Ads manager.

If you want access to this feature, contact your developer or request early access to it via Turbo!

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