How to Find your Competitor’s Ads on Facebook

Trying to find your competitors ads on Facebook?

You’re not alone.

Sometimes spying on competitors can spark inspiration, see whats working for them, or in our case – get a good laugh.

We’ve found that if you aren’t competing with huge companies (and huge budgets), they likely aren’t Facebook experts – so don’t copy their mistakes.

So with that in mind, here are a few ways to find your competitors ads on Facebook.


How to find your competitors ads on Facebook.

Go like your largest competitor’s Facebook page and visit their website. This will do two things.

  1. Tell facebooks algorithm your ‘interested’ in their content. You will more frequently to see their organic posts and regular status updates.
  2. By visiting their site, it will put you into their retargeting funnel (if they have one). Once you do this, you will start seeing their paid ads in your newsfeed.

You can also get some inspiration for your ad creatives this way, but be careful, they may have no have low performing ads.

Dissecting their targeting strategy

One you see a newsfeed, You can take a look at their targeting strategy by clicking the Dropdown > Why am I seeing this? option on their ad:


And just like that, you will get a sneak peak into their targeting strategy!

Have another way of finding their ads? Let us know in the comments below.


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