How I generated thousands of B2B leads in 22 minutes

Leads are the fuel to your growth.

Which is why you should always being exploring new ways to generate them, especially in saas.

In this quick article, I’ll show you how I turned 22 minutes of tinkering around, into thousands of hyper-targeted SaaS leads!

After signing up a free trial on some data providing site (search around – you should be able to find it), I started a company search and filtered based off keywords and parameters that are relevant to my business.

(it looked something like this)

The data was great, it included websites, company size, financing stage, annual revenue, links to more details, and much more.

I was even able to copy and paste the results directly into a google sheet!

But there was one problem.

They limited the company results to three pages.

So rather than swiping my card into more debt, I figured out a way iterate through the pages of all companies.

The key is, you don’t actually need to access more pages, you need to further specify your search.

Here’s what I mean:

Go back to the search and add an additional parameter based off company name.

It will reduce the results to companies that include letter A. Thus, only showing companies that include the letter “A”.

If you iterate through most of the letters in the alphabet, you will have all of the results from your original search.

Just a quick de-dup and you’ll be off to the races!

There are also plenty of ways to enrich this data (which takes a bit longer) to get social profiles, emails, phone numbers etc, but you’re interested – reach out. I’d be happy to show you how I did it!

Update: I ended up subscribing to this service anyways as I found myself wanting to save time. Plus, I’d hate to break the TOS of any website.

Good luck!

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