How to scrape producthunt and extract upvoters

So you want to scrape producthunt and extract all upvotes, huh?

Well you’ve come to the right place.

But I must warn you, you should be semi-comfortable with following a tutorial to run some code.

Here’s how it’s done.

Getting started

First you’ll need to find the product you want the upvoters from. Go to and find a product.

Then click “Get It”

It will re-direct you to their site. Copy and paste that URL.

Now that you have the url of that company’s site, you can paste that into the custom scraper.

To run the script, download it to your computer and do the following

  1. Run the script from your terminal($ ruby client.rb)
  2. Input your Developer Token
  3. Input a featured product’s URL that you just copied
  4. A CSV file of upvoters will save in the same folder as the script file

Don’t code? Watch this video tutorial:


If you have any questions leave a comment below. Good luck!

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