The Key To Selling High Ticket Items with Facebook Ads

So you want to sell high-ticket items with Facebook ads?

I have good and bad news for you.

Let’s start with the good news. It’s very simple, if you understand the fundamentals of selling.

The bad news, is that it takes time.

Selling expensive items request an enormous amount of trust, which takes time if done through Facebook ads alone.

In this quick article, we’ll break down everything you need to know for selling high priced items on Facebook with high performance ad campaigns.

Facing the facts

The truth is strong sellers understand the fundamentals of human psychology.

And they use that to their advantage.

Especially, when your selling expensive items like enterprise software, jewelry or real-estate. It’d be difficult to summarize the psychology of selling into one tidbit, but if we absolutely had to.

It’d be that everything boils down to trust.

We sure don’t have any doctorate degrees or DSM’s laying around, but from our sales and advertising experience;

If they trust you, they’ll buy from you.

So here are the three critical steps to establishing trust and start generating huge sales through Facebook advertising.

#1. Creating a trustable brand

Let’s image the worst case scenario:

You started your company scratch yesterday. Nobody knows who you are. And nobody cares what you sell.

Now, you’re job is to change that.

Lets assume you’ve managed to get discovered. Perhaps a few people visited your site and they might recognize your company name if they saw it again.

They key to creating a trustable brand through Facebook is building a digital relationship with them. For high-priced items, you have to do this before you ask for the sale.

This is the part everyone skips.

It’s nearly identical to dating, you have to take them to dinner before you ask them for a kiss.

Rather than targeting them with “Buy Now” ads, you have to warm them up with brand awareness campaigns.

We’ve seen video’s do particularly well for this objective but we recommend using some of the following:

  • Testimonials
  • Interviews with employees
  • Promoting other social channels
  • Promoting blog posts
  • Sharing the company vision
  • Stories about the company mascot
  • The office dog

You have to be creative. Brand awareness is the first step to trust – so get started now.

If you do this effectively, you’ll start pulling the necessary emotional triggers to undoubtedly become a trustable brand.

Imagine the difference between these two scenarios:

A) Someone who has:
-Read 3 articles from your blog,
-Liked last Tuesday’s photo on Instagram.
-Enjoyed your email newsletter for a month.
-Experienced 3 unique helpful resources (aka ads) on Facebook, over the past 2 weeks
-And knows your CEO by their first name.


B) This garbage

Do you see the difference? You can feel the slime coming right off of this lousy ad.

While the other sequence of ads creates a deep connection with the audience through multiple touch points.

Screaming “FREE” or “BUY NOW” is not going to win any big sales – I can guarantee you that.

Take your customers on a journey that’ll build a relationship and establish trust. This way, they will be swiping with confidence when the time is right.

#2. Leverage Social Proof

One of the biggest fears a buyer faces when making a large purchase is regret.

The potential regret they may face from making a bad decision.

It absolutely haunts people from previous purchases.

And as a seller, it’s your worst enemy. Our job as marketers is it to mitigate that as much as possible.

You may be wondering, whats the best way to do that?

Social proof.

You ever walk past a restaurant with a huge line outside, and thought “damn, there must be something pretty special going on inside”

We all have – that’s social proof in action.

It works even better for digital purchases. And thats why all of the top performing Facebook Ads leverage one of the many forms of it.

Most people are followers, not leaders. So make sure they know they aren’t taking any risks by purchasing.

If you want your pricey items to starting flying off the shelves, leverage testimonials, reviews, existing customers and other forms of social proof in your ads.

#3. Consistency

Would you agree social is noisy?

You’re 100% right.

If you’re selling expensive items, you can afford to stay in front of your audience longer (with more ads), so do it! One of the biggest mistakes I see marketers and salespeople make is the lack of consistency.

Most deals happen on a follow-up.

They say you’re should follow-up, up to 8 times. Whether that’s true for your business or not, follow-ups are the easy way to immediately increase sales.

And this applies to your advertising on Facebook.

You can create sequenced campaigns (with Turbo) and stay in front of your audience as long as it takes to convert.


Facebook ads are a powerful way to reach customers and sell highly priced items.

They offer a unique way to get in front of your ideal audience, and stay there. But if you’re not a trustable brand, and asking for a sale too soon – you could be wasting money.

When you’re creating your next ad campaign, whether you’re a fortune 1000, or a local business in South Dakota, make sure you build trust and follow the steps from this post.

If you do, you will have a high converting funnel and will truly understand why all of the cutting edge companies are already doing this.


Free Ad Blueprint

If you want to explore some of the sequenced campaigns we use to build trust and sell our enterprise software, we’re happy to share. Drop your email below and we’ll send you an example!


And remember – you’re not advertising. You’re story telling!

Good luck!



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