Growth Hackers Guide: Stealing Your Competitor’s Twitter Followers (and automating engagement)

Tired of the time consuming traction channels that just aren’t delivering?

When looking for new customers, there’s no reason to search for them when you can go to existing sources like your competitor’s existing customer-base.

Now imagine if you could start conversations with your competitor’s fans on Twitter without lifting a finger. You could sit back and relax while receiving more leads, conversions, and generating brand awareness. Does it get any better?

Through automating my Twitter account, I created a hyper-local marketing machine. It helped me build the fastest growing Meetup in San Francisco (1,500 members in 5 months!). This machine also helped me get thousands of people to my events, grew my Twitter following by over one thousand people, and generated hundreds of new leads.

To get these results, you have to know the top people in your industry on Twitter. You can search for industry influencers using the social discovery and interaction tool, Audiense. To start the search process, click Target then Discover new Twitter Users:

Using Audiense’s discovery tool, you want to plug-in the relevant location and bio keyword(s) of your target prospect. Next, you want to ensure they are active on Twitter. To do this, you set the Time Since Last Tweet to 1 month. And to weed out spammers, set the Tweets per Day to 25 or less.

Finally, select Person, Only public profiles, and the language English (far right of the screenshot). These settings will ensure you find active influencers in your niche:

From here, you want to find the usernames of those who you think have a valuable audience you’d like to interact with. Once you have that list, download Mass Planner. The software is compatible with PC, but you need a VPS for Mac. In the software, connect your Twitter account.

If your Twitter account is active, then copy the Settings below in the Follow section:

Next, click Follow Sources. From here, you want plug-in the usernames you gathered from Audiense. You can choose to interact with those username’s followings:

Then, you want to jump into Unfollow. From here, if If your Twitter account is active, then copy the settings in the settings below:

To take it a step further, you can favorite people who Tweet about your competitor by selecting specific keywords in the Sources section. Feel free to copy the settings below for favoriting:

In the Retweet section, you can set up a reply to tweets based on keywords. So, if one of your competitor’s customers complain, then you can be the first to Tweet them. Just picture what they would think your customer service is like compared to your competitor.

Now you have several ways to interact with your competitors’ fans almost entirely automated. Keep in mind that you must follow-up with most people who respond to your replies, follows, and favorites. This is part of nurturing your relationships with people, so they’ll turn into customers.


And with only a few minutes of implementation and automation, you’ll receive more leads, conversions, and brand awareness. Automating your Twitter on this level is an advanced growth marketing tactic. If you can master it, then you’ll have another strong weapon in your arsenal for traction.

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