How to use the Turbo Ad Gallery

Spying on your competitors Facebook Ads is incredibly valuable.

We get it.

Heck, that’s exactly why we built the Turbo Ad Gallery.

In this quick article, we’ll show you exactly how to use the Turbo Ad Gallery.

1. Searching for companies.

The Search Bar allows you to search for specific companies on Facebook.

Turbo Ad Gallery

As you’ll see, you can start typing in a company name and it will autofill with all the options available.

If you do not see it autofill, try going to your competitors facebook page and pasting the url into the search bar like so:

And once we find the page we’re looking for, we can click the page and copy the url.

As you can see, some companies have a URL slug that is different from their business name.

As seen in this example, Instapageapp vs just Instapage.

2. Viewing Ad Details

To learn more about a specific ad, simply click in the bottom half of the ad and you will go into the Ad details page.

See below for an example:


3. Subscribing to your competitors ads.

Want to get notified when your competitor launches a new campaign?

No problem.

Simply view one of your competitors ads (inside of Tubo Ad Gallery) and subscribe on the right side:


Want to bless your friends' feed?

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