Quick & Easy Workaround – Facebook Affinity Score is Gone [2017]

Have you noticed the Facebook affinity score was removed?

Thats because as of April 17th 2017, Facebook has (unofficially) removed the Affinity Score from Audience Insights.

While we could have seen this coming, people who relied on it are absolutely devastated.

But the problem is, those people aren’t targeting effectively to begin with.

Here’s a quick way to use the Relevance column and drill down on multiple interests to ensure effective targeting – without needing the affinity score.

When you’re in the audience insights tool, load your audience from insights tool.

For example, the image above are the page likes from a Custom Audience we’ve recently created from a Growth Hacking article.

Now, rather than relying on the affinity score to choose the best interest.

We can simply target people who like MULTIPLE of the highest relevant pages.

Facebooks “Relevance” filters based off the same algorithm that the affinity score used to – which makes affinity score unnecessary and overcomplicating.

If you don’t know how to create an audience that matches more than one interest, continue reading.

How to create audiences that like multiple pages


Do not add multiple page likes from the audience insights.

If you make this mistake, your creating an audience that likes interest_a OR interest_b

Which would look like this:


We want to target people who like both (or multiple) pages from the suggestions.

To do this, go into Ad Manager > Create Ad > Audience

Now, you can use the Narrow Further option to add multiple interests – which will help target only highly relevant people, all without needing any affinity score.

Targeting multiple relevant interests (and actually understanding your customers) will help you get better results, drive down ad cost and make the affinity score irrelevant.

Note: If you’re looking for the spreadsheet we mentioned in the video, its a waste of time but it can be found here.

Let us know if you have any questions, down below!

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